Have you met Tangerine Meg?

Today, for you, here is someone different! Tangerine Meg describes herself as a “quirky artist, colourful yogini, wild artist and more.” While she is passionate about our planet and its people, her paintings are often focused on what is closer to home. I am sure you’ll agree Tangerine Meg imbues the everyday with life, colour and zing. We posed each other 5 questions to answer today. If you’d like to read my swap post visit Tangerine Meg’s blog!

Philippa Robert: The word I associate with you is “colour” and not only in your art! What sparked your love of colour?
Tangerine Meg:  So glad to hear that! Colour lights me up, and has done since childhood. Sometimes it’s bold, sometimes delicate, often unexpected. My heart soars when I come across or make colours and patterns that are delectable together. Some things that spark me are Farmers Markets, blooming community gardens and delicious embroidered fabrics from far away places. (If I’m lucky I get to make an interpretation with my pen and watercolour palette.)

Tangerine Meg, Adelaide South Australia

PR:  When I found you on-line, I felt as though we had been friends for years. How does that happen?
TM:  And I loved that after we met online you made the journey to visit me at my art stall at the (now all but defunct) Mitcham Market. Perhaps it was the mutual recognising of a kindred spirit that connected us so quickly!

PR:  You present your art in a variety of products as well as paintings. Has this made a difference to your survival as an artist?
TM:  It’s almost too soon to tell, but I think so. I’ve been a late bloomer in twigging that I might make a business of art – my business name, Tangerine Meg, was registered in 2011! Last year was the first year I seriously offered calendars and digital fine art prints, though I’d offered greeting cards for a couple of years. They’ve been well received and I hope will be this year too 🙂
It makes sense that people may be knowingly browsing for an original painting, but they’re more likely to be after a unique Kris Kringle item or a special greeting card! Smaller items are also a cool way to take a piece of art home, to keep in touch.

Tangerine Meg, Adelaide South Australia
Tangerine Meg’s Bold Soul Combo pack!

PR:  Is your subject matter an important element of your work?
TM:  Absolutely! The things around me (flowers, produce, fabric, cats) might seem mundane to another eye, but they make me happy and remind me to be appreciative. Paintings seem to be permeated with a feeling too – often times I come back to a painting and am reminded what I was thinking about or listening to as I made it. Perhaps some kind of cosmic soul imprint? Have you ever had that happen? (Don’t be surprised if you think of the Black Eyed Peas and Daddy Cool as you read this!)

Tangerine Meg, Adelaide South Australia
Work in progress – triptych; Tangerine Meg

PR:  What do you believe is your unique offering as an artist?
TM:  As you said earlier, it’s probably my fondness for unique colour. My colour sense is verging on pre-verbal (or parallel to verbal) – I don’t have good words for it. However, I was taught for years by the wonderful Adelaide artist Ruth Tuck and can also put colours together consciously when the need arises. The other things which affect me as a person – and are thus imbued into my art – are my wonder and appreciation for life, fairness and beauty. I’m coming to understand that my artwork ‘speaks’ to kindred heart-centred souls 🙂

Tangerine Meg, Adelaide South Australia
Tangerine Meg and Philippa. But who is wearing the tangerine top?

Hi! I’m Tangerine Meg: quirky artist, colourful yogini, wild gardener and more.
My Bold Art invites your Bold Soul to savour the vibrancy and pure delight of every day moments – and to share the joy with your family and friends. Let’s play!
If you’d like a keepsake, feel welcome to grab my downloadable bookmarks! 🙂


13 thoughts on “Have you met Tangerine Meg?

  1. What a lovely thing – sharing each other’s stories and lovely artwork w/ everyone. I enjoyed reading about Meg – her triptych is really colorful and vibrant! I can definitely see how you could both have mutual appreciation for each other’s painterly talents. Nice post, Philippa!

    1. Thanks Patricia. It was fun to spend time with Meg. Do follow the link to her site and see her cats and nasturtiums and so many other delights! I’m glad you dropped in today. Philippa

  2. Thanks so much for having me, Philippa, in your home/studio and on your blog! It’s really been lovely 🙂
    And delighted to meet Patricia … I agree Art Does Matter!

  3. A heart lightening post Philippa, you and Meg dance well together. I enjoyed wandering through your blog Meg, so much shining energy. Now I long to see a collaborative piece created by the two of you…what fun that would be…

    1. Hello, Clinock! I like your suggestion about doing a collaborative piece – t’would be fun indeed!
      I like your blog… enjoyed your bananartista introduction, and you really held my attention with your heartfelt post upon your friend Ian’s passing. I hope that closure is on its way to you.

      1. Hmm! Good idea John. It would have cups of tea and cups of sea in it I think! Lovely of you to comment, thank you and as always you are a thoughtful reader. Glad you enjoyed Meg’s work. It is pretty dazzling and cheerful! Wishing you well. Philippa

    1. Yes it is a rare thing! We are fortunate. John Clinock suggested a collaborative piece, so we might yet dream something up. Perhaps swap subject matter for a new slant? Must get on to Meg about that. I see she has done a “blog hop” recently and I am curious.

  4. Aline, I’ve so enjoyed the internet allowing me to connect with like minded souls all around the world! (Meeting in person is of course, a sweet bonus!) So pleased to have met *you* today – congratulations on your exhibition opening!
    Philippa, let’s email about collaborating more – and blog hops!

    1. Yes, Meg we will. Glad you have met some of my online friends. They are a pretty bright lot, with masses of flair, piles of skill and a huge range of artistic talents! But you have probably already noticed that…

      1. Oh my gosh, yes, Philippa… your online friends are a lovely group! Thanks for introducing us!
        PS for those not privy to our email conversations: know that we are brewing something sweet &/or briny 🙂

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