the great outdoors!

Yesterday the heat had eased. The wind was up, but it was the day of my planned return to paint with my outdoor painting colleagues. Venue: the Garden Island Yacht Club. Sounds inviting, doesn’t it? Back troubles have been an issue lately, so instead of wriggling into the car (ouch) I wheeled my kit down … More the great outdoors!


Just a glimpse for my friends in the upstairs half of this little orb we call home. Hoping you are well, that your feet are warm and your hearts are light.

New Year, a new day

With the turning of the year comes a moment of shared understanding. Is it simply about the passage of time? Is it about the loss or regrets of the past or the hope of the brand spanking new? It doesn’t take much more than Auld Lang Syne to affect me, even in mid-March sometimes. Perhaps … More New Year, a new day