July – featuring landscapes!

I have chosen this month of July to feature Landscapes. Why?
There is something about winter that drives us indoors. Obviously, to keep warm. But with that comes lots of nice comforting things. Log fires, rugs, soups and stews, cosiness, nestling in. And then daydreams, books and memories. For me, the home retreat needs a painting or two.
A painting brings the outdoors in. Just as a plant in a window connects with the garden outside, a painting of an expansive country view or outdoor scene adds a nice contrast to the indoor cosiness.
It could be a warm autumn vista, a green expanse of fields or a sunny aspect through a window.
Here are three just such paintings, all at 10% off this month!

Piccadilly Valley; 20x25cm, acrylic on linen panel. Was $300, Now $270


Sunny spots, River Torrens; 25x30cm, acrylic on stretched canvas. Was $410, Now $370
2010-landscapes-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia-Greeting the day, near Railton Tasmania
Greeting the day, near Railton Tasmania; acrylic on stretched canvas, 50x65cm. Was $620, Now $560

Every few days I will feature three more landscapes to adorn your own indoor space! Any space at your place?

6 thoughts on “July – featuring landscapes!

    1. That’s good Patti! I miss the tingle of sunlight, but not the searing heat of our heatwaves. You will be experiencing hot tarmac yourself about now. Thanks for looking in!

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