May sunshine, a seascape and a seat-scape

On a Friday and Saturday morning at the end of May I painted a seascape. I actually set up on Wednesday morning but I had a companion who needed more attention than my canvas.

To steal a line from Tangerine Meg, the artist’s face has been yarn-bombed to protect her identity.

The May weather was unseasonally warm. The evenings were balmy and sunsets brilliant. The days were about 23 degrees C.

Philippa Robert, Adelaide South Australia
From the balcony in May

Philippa Robert, Adelaide South Australia
“May morning”

Comparing the photograph to the painting I can see a big gap! I have a long way to go to capture that light and tonal excitement. My focus was reducing fiddliness by using my 2nd or 3rd biggest brush. It is too easy to forget all the other elements.

Philippa Robert, Adelaide South Australia
Here is the outlook towards the end of June

Morning in May
Here is “Morning in May” from 2012. Very blue and cold.
I am about to have a week’s holiday in the warmth of Brisbane, one of my favourite Australia cities. Sketchbook is packed; no paints, just pens. Planning to take it easy and will probably be un-plugged. Best wishes! See you when I return.

Oops, I almost forgot to show you the seat-scape by my apprentice, Ms L.
Philippa Robert, Adelaide South Australia

Enjoy your week!





8 thoughts on “May sunshine, a seascape and a seat-scape

  1. Philippa, your new “May Morning” seascape looks so serene – I can’t imagine how you keep that aire of coolness in this work, despite those brazing temps you’ve been experiencing! I hope you have a lovely holiday in Bris – I’m jealous!! Have a fab week.

  2. I find all ‘scapes challenging except the garlic kind. Your painting is wonderful as is the little seat mandala from Ms L. Enjoy your holiday…

  3. I really like the light in May Morning – it draws you into the picture. And I love the way you lay your paint down. Ms. L. is also very talented – very joyful.

    1. Hello Richard! Nice to hear from you and thanks for your insights. There does seem to be more light on the dunes in the earlier painting. I am cheered by your reaction to Ms L’s work too.

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