Look out for landscapes

This month of featuring landscapes is under way. I am a bit excited about showing you more of these!

Montefiore Message; acrylic on linen panel, 30x30cm. Was $410 Now $370

I hope you will enjoy the variety as much as me. For this post, the theme is (drum roll……………..) TREES!

My father, a real lover of nature, spent many hours looking at leaves, examining seed pods exploring bark formation and tree structure.
It is in my blood to love them too. Sad to see this first one in the North Adelaide Parklands so badly scarred, but it is living on showing that history and standing proud up beside Colonel Light, overlooking the city of Adelaide.

Brighton bananas; acrylic on linen panel, 30x30cm, Was $410 Now $370

This semi-tropical plant grows surprisingly well in Adelaide gardens. Although I have named this a ‘banana’ palm, it is not the fruiting variety but definitely from the same family. The graceful arch of its leaves form beautiful linear patterns against the sky and also wonderful colour contrasts against red roofs!

Coromandel Valley; acrylic on linen panel, 30x30cm, Was $410 Now $370

This painting highlights the variety of native trees growing in the beautiful Adelaide Hills suburb of Coromandel Valley. You can see a range of eucalypts and a silky oak – with some subtle rooflines interspersed.

These three paintings are all painted outdoors. “Coromandel Valley” was from a verandah but pretty much outdoors!
They form a nice group in that they are all approximately 30cm square and feature trees. To me they are a landscape in themselves.
These will be part of my next art book “Landscapes” which is in its design phase now. More about that later.

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