A pen poised over two pages

Two pages with two pens poised! And I only write left-handed. Oops, I forgot it is all via a keyboard. Two different sites really. Some of you may have noticed one less blogger tapping at your inbox.

I feel it’s time to report in. In March this year I undertook an Art Business course to improve my business savvy and make my art a seller! My website at philipparobert.com has had a massive makeover and now includes a blog.

2016-Philippa Robert-at Kay's winery-onsite-pleinair painting

A happy me after an afternoon of painting yesterday at Kay Brothers Winery, McLaren Vale, South Australia. Sunshine was patchy but that’s late autumn. A spot of great beauty, about half an hour’s drive from home. The wines are good too!

Many marketing advisers recommend that the blog and website should sit together. And I am giving it a fair go. I have developed a new logo, launched a sale and a book and even advertised on Facebook! Blogging 5 or 6 times a month over there. Phew.

iLogo-Philippa Robert-April 2016

Unfortunately there are down-sides. I miss you, my friends. I have had a lot less time to read and make connections with you. I miss those exchanges and your stories. I feel as if I am blogging in a vacuum and these days my subject matter seems to be totally about me. But I am sure there are many reasons to blog.

Please come over to say g’day at my new site. It is more about my work and less about art in general. But that doesn’t make it a dark place. You could say it is my own marketing hotspot!

Have you ever felt drawn to sell your art through your blog?

Feel free to leave a comment or two, of course, as ever.


10 thoughts on “A pen poised over two pages

  1. G’Day P ! Wow, awesome, what can I say !!?? It’s truly impressive, and a huge Well Done for all your hard work. Hope it shifts things up a gear (or two, or three….. or even goes supersonic !) Love it all !

    1. G’day V! Thanks for looking in at the other site and for your comments. Supersonic sounds good but I’m not really built for speed. Love the idea though.

    1. Hi Richard, thanks for your enthusiasm! Yes, you can subscribe for an RSS digest. Let me see if I can work out how to do that. You will need to become a newsletter subscriber I think. I will investigate further over the next few days. Cheers, Philippa

  2. Good looking site Philippa! Fabulous work you’ve been doing. Will you drop this one and concentrate on that one? I echo Richard’s question…

    1. Hi John, I suspect that’s what will happen over time unless I work out a link between them. Thank you for your interest in the new page and the work. There will be a way to subscribe – I will sort something out. Possibly through an RSS feed or a newsletter subscription. I will find out! Best wishes, Philippa

  3. Hi Philippa, I’m so sad to see you go, but I do understand. You must promise to look in at the rest of us on occasion!! The RSS feed is an excellent idea, and I already do exactly that with other blogs. I’m going to add your lovely, new website/blog to my RSS reader! Cheers and happy painting at the beach! ⛱

    1. Thank you Patricia! I am getting my head around RSS feeds but good to know that you can add me to your list so easily. I am impressed! Yes I will keep an eye on things in these territories and even post a blog now and then.

    1. Thank you for looking in! I really appreciate that. I loved your Dawn post this week. It resonated with me around the colour combos that appear randomly in the world sometimes. A source of great delight to me too!

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