More Brighton Jetty Classic Sculptures

Last week’s walk along the Esplanade at Brighton to see the sculptures yielded plenty of images. Here’s another selection, a little different from my previous post. Hovering man, Greg Johns. This sculpture reminded me of Antony Gormley’s figures in the landscape. Lying on these rocks, it was difficult to appreciate fully but its slender form … More More Brighton Jetty Classic Sculptures

Brighton Jetty Classic Sculptures

Sunny with a brisk breeze. Lovely weather for a little photographic expedition. And the last day for the sculpture show at Brighton Beach in Adelaide. Serpent 1, Quentin Gore Asphodelus, Leith Elder. Elder’s interpretive text is interesting: “Asphodelus Fistulosis, the common onion weed was imported into Australia as an ornamental where it has been declared … More Brighton Jetty Classic Sculptures