Inspiration – flowers and rubbish bins!

Can you can predict inspiration?
Last Sunday’s visit to a friend for his birthday had an unexpected outcome. Fresh tea and home-made biscuits? We certainly hadn’t expected that!
But back to the other surprise. Looking towards the side fence from the front verandah afterwards I saw an eyeful of colour. Bougainvillea and poinsettia spilled over into the sunshine. The pinks and orange made a wonderful splash with a couple of red and yellow lids on nearby rubbish bins.

Next morning (with permission) I set up to paint on that verandah. It was rubbish day so the bins were out of the composition – on the footpath. It was about the same time of day and the sunny conditions prevailed. Here is the result after the first session.

Philippa Robert, Adelaide South Australia

The roof worried me, although the day before the terra cotta tiles seemed an important colour in the composition. There was also a satellite dish on the roof which was either going to be a distraction or a unifying element. I discarded it fairly early on. It was too small to add any strength.

The second session gave me a chance to remove the roof and heighten the colour of the plants. The bougainvillea wasn’t pure cerise but closer to crimson with purple and orange lights. I hadn’t quite nailed that yet. Things got a bit fiddly when I changed to a smaller brush but I soon called it quits.

Philippa Robert, Adelaide South Australia

And from the front gate I could see the sea! Later in the week I worked on that.

6 thoughts on “Inspiration – flowers and rubbish bins!

  1. Philippa, the colors are so intense and beautiful! I only wish I could see this painting in real life. You seem to be very good and quick to make definitive decisions in your compositions – something I guess a plein-air painter really needs, discipline-wise. I think I need to “hang-out” with you more, even if only through blogosphere!! This piece is serious gorgeous – LOVE your treatment of the sky, too!

    1. Thanks for your comments Patricia. An overnight sleep helped this one! Painting subjects other than the sea gives me a chance to play more with colour and perhaps will sharpen up my seascapes as well. Glad you like this one.

  2. Nature has so many more colors than I can create with my paints, so I appreciate the wonderful job you did to capture the glow and complexity. Magenta and orange! I bow down to them. And you!

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