Shoreline Stretch, Brighton South Australia

Shoreline stretch is a painting from Brighton jetty, looking north towards Hove. I have painted a lot of this stretch of coastline, usually showing trees framing the beach scenes. This painting was stripped to its essentials – the sea! A small slice of the shoreline and rock wall gives some scale to the picture. The … More Shoreline Stretch, Brighton South Australia

Have tools, can do

A few weeks ago I posted about my experience helping with hanging an exhibition in a non-traditional space. I think I was thanking heavens for men with tools in their car boot. The exhibition was taken down last weekend and I was back on volunteer duty. This time instead of 5 or 6 helpers there were … More Have tools, can do

story time again!

There is often a big swell coming in around Easter. The weather can change quickly and sometimes it heralds an early start to winter storms. The fishermen on the local jetties give an indication of what’s going on. They might be throwing in fishing lines or clinging to the railing and hauling in crab nets, … More story time again!