Big Australian Art Prize Announced – The Archibald

Today’s newspapers contain the image of the winning portrait in this year’s Archibald Prize for Portraiture – The Histrionic Wayfarer by Tim Storrier. His inspiration was Hieronymus Bosch – The Wayfarer, held in Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam. The differences in mood are great. Bosch’s wayfarer has been described as a man choosing between the paths of virtue and … More Big Australian Art Prize Announced – The Archibald

You are SO lucky!

“It must be so relaxing to paint.” “I can’t draw a thing.” “You are so lucky…” So, it’s good luck to have the skill. And it’s a ticket to endless pleasure and relaxation! The outdoor kit is the first item to consider in the light of this “ticket”. Sun hat, sunscreen, insect repellent, snacks, coffee, … More You are SO lucky!

Art – a solitary occupation?

Workshops, shared studio spaces, master classes, collaborative pieces, community groups – there are plenty ways for artists to work with others. Still, much studio work is done alone. Reading, researching, painting, experimenting, standing back and looking, pondering. We no longer need to be solitary with the online community and its zigzagging connections. The elements of … More Art – a solitary occupation?

Photography in art

Photography has been a recording tool for ages. Artists like Bonnard (19thC) have loved the medium and well before that Durer and possibly Leonardo used camera prototypes as an aid in painting and drawing. That’s how I use it. Art school education taught that using photography was a no-no. Certainly working from life for a portrait … More Photography in art