Painting water

I will never forget my trips to Kangaroo Island. Most were full of joyous expectation so the trip was coloured with delight. The crossing of Backstairs Passage between Cape Jervis and Penneshaw KI takes about 45 minutes and there are times when I have stood on deck for most of this time, just watching the wake and the bow waves as they trailed behind the ferry.

Philippa Robert, Adelaide South Australia

You may have seen this one before. My recent work below zooms in more. The bow wave from the side of the ferry has its own energy, different from the heaving and rolling of the wake and more diverse in its patterns. The first image shows the outline of the composition.

Philippa Robert, Adelaide South Australia

spilling bow wave phone camera

After some humming and hawing, I decided it has most drama as a vertical piece.
Bouncing bow wave, acrylic on canvas

The final image is taken without a tripod but gives the idea.
What do you think of the 90 degree rotation?



12 thoughts on “Painting water

  1. Oh Philippa, I do like the 90 degree rotation! It adds to that mystery I mentioned to you before. Not to mention, it really grasps a feeling of being on deck and looking directly down at the seafoam/waves. Naturally being a bit of a detail freak myself, I love all the white foamy details. It’s magnificent.

    1. Thanks Patricia, glad it appeals and that you got the deck-side feeling. Hope you are not prone to sea sickness. When I saw these two images on the small screen I wanted to go backwards to the first one. My natural flow is towards detail too, so I fight it. Perhaps wrongly at times. Thanks for looking in!

  2. Hello Philippa, It’s been well over a year since I visited your blog because, as you know I was away from WP for an extended time. How lovely to see you and your painting. I often travel the big ferries that go from Vancouver to Vancouver Island so I’m very familiar with the magic of wakes and bow waves. You’ve nailed it for sure, the vertical version is more honest to how we actually perceive the energy.

    1. Thanks John. Good to hear it resonates with your wave experiences. As they almost say in Parliament, “I think the verticals have it.”

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    1. Thanks Chez, I think I replied earlier via email (somehow). Do you think our inbuilt sense of gravity affects our interpretation of 2D pictures? Good to hear from you – and welcome back from your Wonderful Trip to NZ!

      1. Now that you mention it, maybe it does…it’s what we expect to see or maybe it’s more comfortable? I didn’t get anything be email, so not sure what happened there!

      2. Hi Chez, my phone offers me the choice to reply to commenters by clicking reply in the ‘e-mail client’ – perhaps I misunderstood what that means! No worries.

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