A summer afternoon in the garden

Philippa Robert, Adelaide South Australia

It is so nice to see the sun in an English garden. It enlivens everything. The very green grass, the dappled shade, the shapes and layering of the foliage all take on new life when the clouds lift. And so it was late this afternoon, two days after the summer solstice.

Foxglove with a chili glaze. Coloured pencil on cartridge paper.

The ‘chili glaze’ arose from my limited palette – blue violet and warm orange don’t make lolly pink. AND a chili and ginger glaze was being prepared in the nearby kitchen, by someone else!

13 thoughts on “A summer afternoon in the garden

  1. Gorgeous, Philippa. While most people will rave about the beauty of the flowers (and foxglove IS a beautiful flower) I always look first at the stem. I love what you’ve done here – that long winding line and all those values of green w/ just colored pencil(s). I hope you find time to sketch more in your travels!

    1. Thanks Patricia. I had fun with colour this time as I was playing with blue/purple, warm orange, dark green, yellow and white. Glad you like the stem. That’s your jeweller’s eye!

    1. Richard, thank you. I had difficulty responding to your terrific post last week (trouble with technology). Loved the sweep of the brush and pink plastic!

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