Oh, there’s the phone!

“Can you get it?”  No sound from upstairs; no footsteps, no distant “Hello.”

Quick! Put the brush in that murky water. Spray the palette with mist.
Climb around the easel, reach over the storage cupboard. Ah, the phone. Got it.

“Click.”  Gone.

Let’s get sensible. Place the phone on the tabletop near the easel. (Obvious, isn’t it)?

Right….that brush. What was I doing? Just that bit of the wave there. I can see it now. Which colour was I using? Gone tacky. Oh well. More paint. Ultramarine, some yellow ochre and quite a bit of white. Mm, love these colours as they mix… That’s about it. OK.

“Da dum.”  Ooh, the email music! Who will that be? Confirmation from Postcard Cafe that I am a subscriber. Good. If I am quick and look at the screen as the “da dum” happens I can see who email’s from. Saves time.

Back to that wave. This is not the right brush after all. Yes, this one’s going to be better for this bit. Dip into the water, dab it out on a cloth, into the medium, dab it out just a bit. Then the paint. Let’s go….

“Hello! Anybody there?”  Sound of soft tapping on the front door.

“Just a minute!” Quick! The routine – brush in water, spray the palette. No, this might take longer. Do a rough brush clean, haul out the plastic wrap, cover the palette. Ouch, that hurt! Blood. Grab a tissue. Now, up the stairs. Don’t trip. “I’m coming!”


An invitation! That will be lovely. I really enjoy the neighbours’ weekend lunch parties. Their friends are always interesting – a little bit alternative, community-minded, arty jewellery, travellers’ tales. And nice wine, delicious food, outdoor air, in comfort! Yes.

Back down the stairs. Go straight to the studio. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. No coffee just yet. Need to get something done first.

Back. Come back! Where was I?

Peel back the plastic wrap, sort out the brush. Just get on with it for heaven’s sake! (I can almost hear your impatience as you read this).

Oh, the phone again. Sound of door closing.

“Hello, I’m home! I’ll get it!” from upstairs.

Trill” – Message on the mobile!

5 thoughts on “Oh, there’s the phone!

      1. While waiting for the summer I got a new computer, so whether it’s sunny or rainy I’m ready to restart writing about my search for ceramic workshops!

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