Good old gum trees

There are more than 400 species of eucalyptus. They are ubiquitous in the ‘classical’ genre of Australian landscape painting. South Australian artist Hans Heysen was the master painter of these majestic trees. Reproductions of his paintings were in every primary school, along with the portrait of the Queen. Hans Heysen images The gum tree is … More Good old gum trees

More Sydney paintings

So much about Sydney is inspiring for an artist. The excitement of the city and its people of course, but for me most exciting is its water – the harbour, inlets and ocean beaches. Coming from Adelaide many years ago to live on Sydney’s northern beaches I was impressed by the sheer power of the … More More Sydney paintings

So, what’s new?

Now for the new direction! But “there’s nothing new under the sun” as my teacher and friend David Dallwitz used to say. I don’t worry too much about striving to be novel these days, I just do what I do. That might sound off-hand, but painting when pressures allow means I need some enduring themes … More So, what’s new?