You are SO lucky!

“It must be so relaxing to paint.”
“I can’t draw a thing.”
“You are so lucky…”

So, it’s good luck to have the skill. And it’s a ticket to endless pleasure and relaxation!

The outdoor kit is the first item to consider in the light of this “ticket”. Sun hat, sunscreen, insect repellent, snacks, coffee, phone, lunch, inhaler, woolly hat, hooded raincoat, brolly, seat, portable table. Don’t forget the paints – in a minimal range and in light, portable form, the gallon of water, brushes, medium, rags, oh and the canvas and easel. The hardy people use public transport – imagine that!

Select the composition, unpack and set up. After 10-15 minutes, ready to start. Here come the first onlookers…
“It must be so relaxing…”

Does all this sound familiar? Is the retreat to the studio an act of cowardice? Laziness? Let me know what you think. I would love to hear your comments.


7 thoughts on “You are SO lucky!

  1. Painting en plein air is certainly not for the faint-hearted! It needs a still, wind-free day ( have you seen how Richard Musgrave Evans ties down his easel with tent ropes??!! Also somewhere with not too many on-lookers -yet not too isolated to be unsafe… And then there is the problem of having to paint quickly to avoid too many changes of light. I’m doing a couple of nocturnal paintings at the moment which present another challenge on top of these – actually seeing what colour your paints are as you mix them!! 🙂

    1. I agree fogies! There is a lot to be said for small group support en plein air. It allows a bit of laughter at the misfortunes as well as hey-ho at the achievements. I note you are painting at night – how DO you see what you are doing?

  2. hi, i get the same comments about all of my artistic endeavors. non-creatives don’t understand the work, the emotionality, the all ’round effort. still, they are who we paint and write for, or, rather, maybe we do it for god or for the universe or just because we do it. because we must or else we’ll get depressed. because it is simply something we do. great post!

    1. Hello Mary, loved your comments. sorry about the wait for approving them – I think we are in different time zones. Your ideas about why we do it are to the point. You have given my flat Friday a bit of a boost! website woes have consumed me for the past few days. I am interested to hear more about what you create.

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