Exhibition sales! breathing colours, Balmain

“How did it go in Sydney?” “Different, but really well!” “So why was it different?” It is a mystery I can’t explain. Is it the difference between Adelaide and Sydney markets? Or patterns of life? Gallery locations? The opening night was actually the 6th night of the exhibition. When we arrived there was a dazzling … More Exhibition sales! breathing colours, Balmain

More Sydney paintings

So much about Sydney is inspiring for an artist. The excitement of the city and its people of course, but for me most exciting is its water – the harbour, inlets and ocean beaches. Coming from Adelaide many years ago to live on Sydney’s northern beaches I was impressed by the sheer power of the … More More Sydney paintings

Saltwater series 2. The bigger the better?

Here are some images of larger works from the exhibition at Gallery M, Marion Cultural Centre, Adelaide South Australia. You might be familiar with these. There are some photographs needed of paintings I ‘tweaked’ the day before delivering them to the gallery. Perhaps it might be worth a before-and-after series. (Was I wasting my time)? … More Saltwater series 2. The bigger the better?