More Sydney paintings

So much about Sydney is inspiring for an artist. The excitement of the city and its people of course, but for me most exciting is its water – the harbour, inlets and ocean beaches. Coming from Adelaide many years ago to live on Sydney’s northern beaches I was impressed by the sheer power of the … More More Sydney paintings

So, what’s new?

Now for the new direction! But “there’s nothing new under the sun” as my teacher and friend David Dallwitz used to say. I don’t worry too much about striving to be novel these days, I just do what I do. That might sound off-hand, but painting when pressures allow means I need some enduring themes … More So, what’s new?

The promise of the New

Happy New Year, my creative friends! I wish for you the promise and potential of the clean slate or white canvas AND the mystery and joy of messing it up a little with your own mark. May good health, love and safety all feature for you in 2015.