Inside Sheffield

Just a few Mondays ago I wished I was still in paid work. Really? Well, only for the early morning conversations. “What did you do on the weekend?” I had had the BEST weekend, so probably better that I didn’t go in to work that Monday. (Murdered with Paper Cuts by Jealousy in the Photocopying … More Inside Sheffield

Off to Rome? Don’t bother with Gallienus Chain

They won’t bother with you. Even a little bit of bothering would have helped at 11.45pm a couple of Saturdays ago. It had been quite a day. The first delayed-departure announcement from the cockpit sent a shiver of ‘oh no’ through my fellow traveller. I was more optimistic. The airline knew we were hoping to … More Off to Rome? Don’t bother with Gallienus Chain

Drum roll……………………It’s Neo Watercolour!

Look away now!                if you don’t want to see something bright, quirky, conversational, colourful, entertaining, bouncy, bubbly, amusing and Beautiful! It is “Two Pugs, Sharrowvale Road” by Victoria at Neo Watercolour. From Sheffield UK 2013! We are proud owners of a limited edition giclee print (‘fast-tracked from the UK’ and recently retrieved from the framer)! … More Drum roll……………………It’s Neo Watercolour!

Away from home

Last Tuesday I painted at Seacliff, a little further from home. My chosen spot was beneath a large Norfolk Island pine on edge of the footpath. It was a hot morning and nearby was an old kombi van with three young fellows generally making some order out of their travellers’ morning mayhem. As I set … More Away from home

Time out in France

Travel photographs from the Loire Valley. This is a ‘short’ holiday this weekend as I gear up for another weekend of Open Studio! It can’t hurt to reminisce and share some pics from a lovely trip to visit Adelaide friends domiciled in France in 2010. A long way from the sea, just for a change. … More Time out in France