Drum roll……………………It’s Neo Watercolour!

Look away now!                if you don’t want to see something bright, quirky, conversational, colourful, entertaining, bouncy, bubbly, amusing and Beautiful! It is “Two Pugs, Sharrowvale Road” by Victoria at Neo Watercolour. From Sheffield UK 2013! We are proud owners of a limited edition giclee print (‘fast-tracked from the UK’ and recently retrieved from the framer)! … More Drum roll……………………It’s Neo Watercolour!

What do you want your paintings to say and do?

Delights of Regional Museums – Sharmanka

Sharmanka: Gothic Kinetic! This artistic trio started out in Leningrad but have been based in Glasgow since the mid-90s. If you live in Scotland (or visit), they may be familiar to you. “‘Sharmanka’ is the Russian word for ‘hurdy-gurdy’ and is a collaboration between sculptor-mechanic Eduard Bersudsky, theatre director Tatyana Jakovskaya and light and sound … More Delights of Regional Museums – Sharmanka

The moon is waning (things are looking up)

One of the week’s oops moments and a chastening reminder that pressure can engender carelessness happened this morning. Like the beautiful Aquarius (but attired in fleecy clothing) I carted water downstairs to wash the studio window. As I put down the bucket of water with added methylated spirits I noticed that there were pools of … More The moon is waning (things are looking up)

Chocolate and Art

Chocolate, my brother assures me, is one of the five food groups. Hence essential for artists, but for art? Do you remember the term “chocolate box” referring to art or photography? It usually referred to landscapes of Swiss mountains and lakes – imagine Heidi or The Sound of Music – or sentimental scenes of children. … More Chocolate and Art