Inside Sheffield

Just a few Mondays ago I wished I was still in paid work. Really? Well, only for the early morning conversations. “What did you do on the weekend?” I had had the BEST weekend, so probably better that I didn’t go in to work that Monday. (Murdered with Paper Cuts by Jealousy in the Photocopying … More Inside Sheffield

Drum roll……………………It’s Neo Watercolour!

Look away now!                if you don’t want to see something bright, quirky, conversational, colourful, entertaining, bouncy, bubbly, amusing and Beautiful! It is “Two Pugs, Sharrowvale Road” by Victoria at Neo Watercolour. From Sheffield UK 2013! We are proud owners of a limited edition giclee print (‘fast-tracked from the UK’ and recently retrieved from the framer)! … More Drum roll……………………It’s Neo Watercolour!

more outdoors

Yesterday morning was clear with a rising breeze, so it was time to try out my sandbag weights. My visiting (Kangaroo Island) brother suggested using just one central one so here it is! Sandbag weights are recommended by Roos Schuring in the Netherlands. It is a clever idea because the bags are light to carry … More more outdoors


Just a glimpse for my friends in the upstairs half of this little orb we call home. Hoping you are well, that your feet are warm and your hearts are light.

New Year, a new day

With the turning of the year comes a moment of shared understanding. Is it simply about the passage of time? Is it about the loss or regrets of the past or the hope of the brand spanking new? It doesn’t take much more than Auld Lang Syne to affect me, even in mid-March sometimes. Perhaps … More New Year, a new day

Early morning visitors

This post is for my colleague Theadora Brack @People, Places and Bling! It is something I promised to do for her as I was commenting on her post recently when something similar happened. Perhaps you would all like to see! This series of pictures reminds me of my work with brain-injured people. A particular test … More Early morning visitors

Marvellous Melbourne!

The proprietor of the fine art rat cafe (John Clinock) has requested some more street art images from Melbourne. So here goes. Once again I am sorry that the works are unattributed. Perhaps you recognise some of the sticker art. Posting these reminds me of my colleague Nigel @ Little bits of Sheffield. He knows … More Marvellous Melbourne!