Paintings for Sydney exhibition

 Philippa Robert, Adelaide South Australia Philippa Robert, Adelaide South Australia

These two may not line up exactly, but their titles “port” and “starboard” will give you the idea. Preparations are well under way for an outing in Sydney for me and my paintings! Breathing colours gallery at Balmain in Sydney’s inner west will be showing some new works from mid April until early May.This will be the third in my Saltwater series and will form part of the exhibition entitled Sydney: its sea and suburbs.  My fellow artists will be Steffie Wallace and Neil Wallace, both from Melbourne. Philippa Robert, Adelaide South Australia          Watersprite   Philippa Robert, Adelaide South Australia           Cascading   Philippa Robert, Adelaide South Australia In velvet light.
Just a selection for now. Five more next time.


9 thoughts on “Paintings for Sydney exhibition

  1. So exciting, Philippa! I’m so looking forward to seeing the “full grouping” of paintings together. I peaked at the Breathing Colours website and the space looks so inviting – a perfect location for hanging your lovely work! I hope you share installation shots or photos from your opening w/ us.

    1. Hi Patricia, thanks for looking in! The gallery comes highly recommended by my fellow artist Steffie Wallace. Steffie has exhibited there several times over the past few years and has wonderful things to say about the director Robin Hill. It will be my first show in Sydney so I am a bit excited. And yes, I will post some installation shots! Thanks for your enthusiasm Patricia.

    1. Thanks Richard. I think you would enjoy Sydney though. It has quite a few characters and fares are favourable for north to south travel right now!

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