So, what’s new?

Now for the new direction!
But “there’s nothing new under the sun” as my teacher and friend David Dallwitz used to say. I don’t worry too much about striving to be novel these days, I just do what I do. That might sound off-hand, but painting when pressures allow means I need some enduring themes to pick up easily.
In the studio right now, I am returning to subject matter which still holds mystery for me.

This series is still in its early stages but I will give you a sneak peek at the development of one of the early ones.

Philippa Robert, Adelaide South Australia
basic composition mapped in mid-tones

behind the wave (2)
adding the darks and lights

behind the wave (3)
subduing the colour with layers

behind the wave (5)
Had signed it but returned to tie it together better.

Philippa Robert, Adelaide South Australia
In the wave’s wake; acrylic on linen panel, 6×8″

The variations in white balance settings between phone and camera have produced a rather jumpy series, but the process is visible. Looking back at these images, there seems to be a gradual dilution of the coloured underpainting. Start out strong and then correct? Perhaps!



3 thoughts on “So, what’s new?

  1. Philippa, I’m so excited for you and this new work for your upcoming show! It may just be my own interpretation – but it feels like the second-to-last image represents more of the waves at the fall of dusk (with those dark sky-blues) and the last photo, you’ve brought everything back to daylight. It really is soo lovely to see your progression through this series; if only I lived closer and onetime I could see all the pieces at your exhibition. This is going to be a fabulous show!!

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