My tax agent’s eyebrow

Come 30th June and another year gone. A financial year that is. Usually I am almost ready to visit the tax agent by early July. My twelve envelopes for dockets and the spreadsheet mostly filled out. This year was a bit different. Our appointment was much later than usual so I let things go a bit. Nothing a couple of days at the computer wouldn’t fix. After some sifting and a fair bit of data entry it was all finished for last Thursday.

The bottom line was heartening. For the first time in five years I had made a small profit! I was convinced that my tax agent would be impressed and regard my earnest efforts as a serious career at last.

As I presented the very neat spreadsheets, with the balance as at 30th June 2014 on top, the man in question entered some figures on his computer. In an interval I talked about altering my approach to the business side of painting and pursuing it with less intensity. On the other hand I talked about my sense of loyalty to my collectors and need to continue working to justify their investment in me.

This is where the eyebrow comes in.

It appears that all my efforts collecting dockets and entering data was of no interest to the tax office. In a flash I saw an eyebrow lift and a friendly smile. My earnest endeavours were “eyebrowed” into oblivion.

Whatever I choose it’s up to me. Perhaps it seems obvious to you. Goodness knows it has taken me a while to truly grasp it.




8 thoughts on “My tax agent’s eyebrow

  1. Philippa, I’m chuckling to myself at your commentary here – but in all truth, I’m not sure I follow the ‘meaning behind the eyebrow’ raising! Is it b/c your accountant is typical of the way they are here, and just gloss over everything? Mine never will take artists as having a serious career. Anyway, I’m ecstatic you had a good year w/ your paintings. I hope I will be able to say same for me this year! 🙂

    1. Yes, Patricia. Go well! In the scope of my accountant’s clientele, I am dealing very earnestly with very little money! This was a Big Year because I had last year’s June income to add in, and not as much expenditure with less work going on. I think the effort of the detailed book-keeping (signifying nothing to the tax office) and my sense of loyalty to my clients (must keep producing) was a bit off the scale, given the agony I was feeling. It does feel like time to re-evaluate my approach.

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