Back on the beach!

Back on the beach

It was hot out there yesterday – 37 degrees in the shade. After an aerobics/weights session at the gym I was a little worn out. Perhaps that’s why I decided to go out in the midday, out in the midday, out in the midday sun. I still had gym shoes on but not for long. I had to wade into the water to cool off almost immediately. Socks back on as I hadn’t put sunscreen on my feet. I waded in twice more during the 90 minutes. The last time in desperation I drenched my hat.

I didn’t meet any mad dogs or Englishmen. If only I could tell Noel Coward. But I did have a proper swim an hour later.

Can I blame the gym session for my crazy decisions?

13 thoughts on “Back on the beach!

  1. Beautiful beach, beautiful heat…rub it in Philippa (I mean the sunscreen of course)…3 below zero here tonight and Vancouver is balmy compared to the rest of Canada…however, your painting looks as if all your ‘suffering’ was worth it…hope we get to see a close-up…

    1. Difficult to believe it can be so cold on the other side, John! Time to enjoy the beach even more I feel. This is the first of two sketches for a large painting, so I will keep it in mind to post. An interesting exercise to go from outdoors to a large studio piece. More like the ‘olden days.’

  2. Sometimes you just have to do these things and I suspect Noel would be more than proud of you! Love the lines and shadows of your kit. Not to mention the warm sand and sea – 11 degs F where I am . .. .

    1. Ooh thanks Patti for your comments on the actual photograph! It is such alien-looking equipment for the beach isn’t it. I hadn’t seen the lines and shadows until then. Too bothered about the painting I suspect.

  3. Philippa, we are drowning in a sea of rain showers and high winds here – I so would trade you!!! I agree that your painting looks like it’s going well in spite of that intense heat you’re working through. I want to see a bigger picture of it, too!

  4. My commiserations on your weather Patricia. Today is much cooler 21C max but the colour has been smothered by the clouds. Hard to please? I do acknowledge my good fortune with the weather overall! And Adelaide has been getting some international recognition recently for having “everything” and 9th most live-able city according to the Lonely Planet Guide.

    1. Thanks for looking in Hollis. And for the exclamation mark! As you say, the printed word has no inflection, or at least doesn’t necessarily convey our own. It can land so far from its origin!

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