The picture-plane massacre

Things have been quiet around the seascapes laboratory lately, but I feel compelled to post the evidence of the recent massacre of the picture plane. Perhaps it was more of a messacre. Anyway, just for fun here are some happy snaps.

Philippa Robert, Adelaide South Australia

Philippa Robert, Adelaide South Australia

Now, onto some other things! My newly rejigged kit (which had the wobbles) might yet be re-rejigged. Guy ropes (!) added stability but prevented the lid from opening enough to support the canvas at an easy angle for painting. Unfortunately the box weighs a ton and for travel it needed a very big suitcase….


5 thoughts on “The picture-plane massacre

    1. Thanks John, I really enjoyed that bit. Nearly did one on my face too, but might have had marks deducted for silliness. Do you think I could get a job on the evening tv news blotting people out?

  1. I agree w/ John – your squiggly-faced audience looks so surreal! (Not to mention this is a very lovely photo of you, in-action!) Your painting looks like a play on the Rubik’s cube – and it’s not nearly the “mess-acre” you claim, Philippa! A fun post!!

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