Where I’m Going Wrong!

Take a moment see things from John Pindar’s viewpoint. You will smile!

notes to the milkman

I’ve figured it out!! Recently I came across this self portrait by L S Lowry whose major exhibition at the Tate opens next week.

(c) Ms Carol Ann Lowry/DACS; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

Then I saw a photograph of Picasso.


But when I saw Denis Whiteside (who I mentioned in my review of the Android exhibition) this morning at the neo:artprize exhibition (review to come) it finally dawned on me.


Here’s Jason and Adrian (whose performance piece I covered) also from neo:artists



Meanwhile there’s Andy and Martin from Hot Bed Press.



Seven artists who I admire greatly all with one thing in common! I need a cap to make it in the art world! Then, when I am in the same class as these greats and when I have work in an exhibition, as I currently do at Bolton College, I won’t need to seek out a tutor to ask ‘Can my version of Whistler’s Nocturne in Blue and…

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