“We do what we do by the light we are given.”

You might have seen that quote from my grandmother before, here or elsewhere.

Philippa Robert, Adelaide South Australia

Exhibition fast approaching! A sort of limbo prevails before the final photography and framing. Lots of work stacked up. Will it be enough? Do they belong together? Is this a collection of paintings or a body of work? Is it two separate batches? Does that matter? Are they really works of art?

Who knows the answers to all these questions! I won’t even dignify that with a question mark.

The FA Cup (replay) is on in the background. Half time chat, rapid-fire passion. Opinions, onlookers’ commentary, ideas for improvement, hints at weaknesses, highlights of “quality”…

Back to the second half. Goal or no goal, those fellows are playing to the best of their ability right now. And that’s it.

The quote applies to them too, but for me it is heartening. On with the preparations. And, happy Mothers’ Day!


6 thoughts on ““We do what we do by the light we are given.”

  1. If your brochure is anything to go by, P, it will be a brilliant success, it all looks very exciting 🙂 I wish I could be there to see your exhibition, hope you will be able to post some images of the whole shebang when it happens ! Best wishes, V xx

  2. Oh Philippa, sending you a very big congratulations on your upcoming show. This exhibit sounds wonderful – and I also wish I could be there in-person to see your lovely paintings!

  3. Love your grannies words of wisdom – am copying and keeping on my worktable. Ah – the show – nerve wracking and exciting – your painting is outstanding – no worries – sold out first day…

    1. It is so helpful for gaining perspective and self-acceptance! Glad it is on your blotter or your jotter. Thanks for your supportive comments about the show John. (I have sold a couple already which is good)!

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