Away from home

Last Tuesday I painted at Seacliff, a little further from home. My chosen spot was beneath a large Norfolk Island pine on edge of the footpath. It was a hot morning and nearby was an old kombi van with three young fellows generally making some order out of their travellers’ morning mayhem. As I set up my easel, there were sounds of scrubbing and clattering. As time went on one of them came down to the tap to fill water containers.

Philippa Robert, Adelaide South Australia (some of us are keen on signs)

Our chat revealed that they were from France. They had come from Sydney via Melbourne and were on their way to Alice Springs and possibly Cairns after that. A long trip! The young man I spoke to was convinced that Australians were a helpful and friendly bunch and on this encouraging note I asked a parent’s question.

“Have you phoned home recently?”

As it happened they were on the way to the local library (before Alice Springs and Cairns) to charge their phones as they had all run flat. It WAS time to make those phone calls.

Philippa Robert, Adelaide South Australia

Had I just been given the offspring answer to the parent’s question?
They gave me a wave and cheerful smile as they drove off in the aging kombi.

5 thoughts on “Away from home

  1. Philippa, you are too funny! I love how you approach your blog posts: sharing a lovely light-hearted story about folks interacting w/ you as you do your lovely work outdoors. It really makes me look forward to each new post! I’m envious as working in metals in usually a solitary, lonely profession! I love how folks engage w/ you and you don’t seem troubled one bit by the interruptions. Your piece here is quite beautiful – and what a well-chosen spot to work out in the sun!

    1. Patricia, thank you! I have begun to really enjoy it. It has evolved – if anyone had told me to paint solo outdoors as often as possible I wouldn’t have done it, even a year ago!

    1. Thanks for your comment Patti! I think the shady spot was a little too protected and clouded my vision. I have just returned to the painting and brightened up the sand. It was a bit dull!

  2. Once a mum always a mum! great story and I adore your painting… i think it is the perspective which reminds me of being a child and going to the seaside and suddenly, there’s the sea, just over the dunes and down the beach! In my memories I always paused before running down to the water… but maybe that’s a misremembery, but your painting captures just that moment of stillness!

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