Just a glimpse for my friends in the upstairs half of this little orb we call home. Hoping you are well, that your feet are warm and your hearts are light.Philippa Robert, Adelaide South Australia


14 thoughts on “sunshine!

  1. the beautiful ocean. A long way from here and the roads have been too snowy to venture onto unnecessarily. Thanks for this lovely thought

  2. Thank you for thinking of us Philippa – your photo radiates heat onto my freezing hands and nose. What kind of temperatures are you having and are they constant for long periods? Do you deal with drought and bush fires where you are? Does the heat inspire you to paint or is it just exhausting?

    1. Good result John! Now heading into mid 20s, perfect for schools going back next week. We usually have a couple of 7-10 day stretches in high 30s-low 40s. Last Thurs 45+ was OTT. I was babysitting with the help of a backyard paddle pool in a shady spot. Studio is cool but yes, the heat is tiring so the output not great! No fires in Adelaide region this year, thank goodness. we are the lucky ones. thanks for your interest!

  3. Thank you Philippa for warming my shivers!!! 16 degs (F!) here in my part of the northern orb. Keep cool where you are – but how could you not with that lovely scene before you!

  4. Beautiful! That is a photograph? The best photographs look as if they could be paintings. My feet are warm, but other parts are suffering. It was good today to get back to painting indoors.

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