My friend Annie is spending time in Banda Aceh doing a UN internship. Her blogs offer interesting tales about life in a fair bit of detail. Here are her impressions of a recent holiday in Bali.

Annie in Aceh

Bali was a complete shock to the system.

While leaving behind the long-sleeved tops and shawls for a couple of weeks and going back to summery-dresses was certainly a welcome break it made me aware that something inside me has shifted. I’m being metaphorical, I don’t mean my liver has up and relocated. Either this or I am mistaking a stomach-churning disgust for schoolies for some cataclysmic change in my identity.

Whatever it was my gears were very slow to shift back into partygoer mode. I spent a lot of time wishing I could throw a blanket around the half-naked 17 year olds getting completely ruined on lethal $2 cocktails. Surely, in shorts that barely cover the waterline you’re much more likely to get piles.

It wasn’t even that they were all so young and so undressed (we’ve all been there), but that they were ALL dressed identically. What is…

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