Marvellous Melbourne!

The proprietor of the fine art rat cafe (John Clinock) has requested some more street art images from Melbourne. So here goes. Once again I am sorry that the works are unattributed. Perhaps you recognise some of the sticker art. Posting these reminds me of my colleague Nigel @ Little bits of Sheffield. He knows the work and the territory of particular artists and dreams up some pretty apt titles too. No mean feat!

Philippa Robert, Adelaide South Australia

Philippa Robert

Philippa Robert

Philippa Robert, Adelaide South Australia

Philippa Robert

Philippa Robert


10 thoughts on “Marvellous Melbourne!

  1. Hi Philippa, These images come as a bit of a surprise and are something of a departure but I very much enjoyed seeing your photographs of Melbourne street art. If you are not familiar with the street art scene it can be virtually impossible to credit the artists. Because I am regularly out with my camera I have been lucky enough to meet many of the artists and graffiti writers in Sheffield. It is a thriving scene in Sheffield and we now get a lot of visiting artists leaving their artwork on the streets as little gifts to the city. I met someone at the weekend who has started giving street art tours in the city! I hope you will continue to take your camera with you and share more images on your blog. Thank you for the name check 😉 As always, best wishes, N

  2. have you checked out Adelaide’s S/A? I used to be familiar with it when walking the lanes with my students! I have a contact too I think

    1. Not systematically Helen. I am usually tearing around the city on some kind of mission. Melbourne was visible because I was on holiday. must alter my perspective – thanks for the nudge!

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