KI Art Feast 2012

Our show will be on during the October long weekend at Western River Cove Homestead. Artists exhibiting in the cottage at the homestead will be Caroline Taylor, Audrey Harnett and me (Philippa Robert).

Kangaroo Island Art Feast 2013

The South Australian Minister for the Arts, the Hon John Hill MP, will open Kangaroo Island Art Feast on Friday 28 September – that’s less than two weeks away.

Minister Hill visited Art Feast privately last year and managed to visit  11 venues in two days. He was impressed by the art, food and wine. In a letter the local newspaper, The Islander, he thanked locals for their “friendliness, courtesy and good humour”.

The letter concluded “Congratulations on a wonderful event”.

And in the lead-up to Art Feast, Evette Sunset is now moving to Clifford’s Honey Farm to create an installation that reflects the surrounding MacGillivray landscape.

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4 thoughts on “KI Art Feast 2012

    1. Plan to be posting those – thanks for your interest! I’ll be delivering some paintings to KI just after the birth of my next grandchild and just before my stepdaughter’s wedding. Time is tight!

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