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First of all, a big THANK YOU to my friends. You have been looking in to check and sending little connections, thank you! It has been lovely to hear from you lately. Especially lately. My blogs have not been very bloggy, but your support has been wonderful.
There is something going on around here and it’s not seascape painting.

Philippa Robert, Brighton South Australia

In fact, today’s example is a good one. What’s going on is a flat car battery at 7.50am, dried apricot jam catching on the bottom of the pan (ie burning) while the washing is being sorted and put on. It is the new plug-in studio light fittings coming unstuck and dangling over the workbench and it is my mother’s 91st birthday tomorrow. This is the birthday we stayed home for:  after two 1st Augusts overseas my name was Indian red mixed with Chrome Green Deep. Thanks Liam Rainsford at PictureS for reminding me of that combination. Liam’s paintings are not at all muddy as you can see, but he was referring to the difficulties of mixing what he called two nasty colours!

And, if you are not tired of hearing it, it is the Studio Opening this Saturday. Don’t phone, I won’t answer!

I will take a little walk and show you how beautiful the beach is just now.
Philippa Robert, Brighton South Australia

Philippa Robert Brighton South Australia

Philippa Robert, Brighton South Australia
In the meantime my only huge saucepan is soaking while the decanted un-jam is sitting in largish bowls on the bench. The largest one hadn’t been washed since the porridge production an hour earlier. Now done, but you didn’t need to know that. I have also sewn on a button which has waited for 12 weeks. See how much you can get done when you are needed in the studio?

I assure you this is not procrastination. Somewhere downstairs there are brochures about my practice, greeting cards with Robert reproductions on them, personalised bags for card sales, subscription sign-ups for my e-newsletter, a catalogue of stories about the paintings, receipt books and red spots! Artists need secretaries. I have worked as one so I know how useful they are. They could also do with a marketing person, which I am in training for (given the current budget).

The other useful information? As well as a walk on the beach, deep breathing might help. As a former occupational therapist I used to take relaxation and therapeutic ‘tai chi’ classes and got quite good at relaxing (in class).

They say psychiatrists have nutty children. Well, occupational therapists have mats and…… well, I’ll let you work that out.

Artists? Perhaps like all of us (if the necessities are taken care of) we have access to part of what really matters in life. And often, a way of bringing it to others.

Philippa Robert, Brighton South Australia

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