balcony blues

Philippa Robert, South Australia

Dreamy day, Brighton was painted from the balcony on a clear summer day.  The light was intense and the glare was strong as the afternoon wore on. I wanted this bleached quality to be part of the painting and actually set up again on another afternoon when conditions were similar. This has to be the easy answer to painting outdoors – in the shade for most of the day with access to home comforts, choosing the moment…and no one telling me how lucky I am to be able to paint.

This is a composition I have tackled several times in different lights and seasons. This particular one is a bit risky because there is not much tonal variation. The colour of the dried dune grasses in the foreground was washed out and warmish in contrast to the cool sea blue.  There are no crisp edges here. I was aiming for a soft and dreamy effect.

Philippa Robert, Brighton South Australia

Wintry aspect is another balcony work, done in very different conditions. Storms threatened all day but there were a few dry hours to get it down. The pressure was on as it was cold out there!

This can be a difficult composition to interpret, as the sandhill cuts out the view of the shoreline. The dominant shape in this painting is the formed by the sand. In the winter light before it is wet by rain it sometimes seems to glow like this.

When we first moved here I planned to paint the same view thousands of times to capture these changing colours and moods. So far, the count is only about six paintings but I usually shy away from the path itself because it is such a strange shape. In the meantime, it has morphed a bit with winter growth and pipeline laying. Time to return to it.

Brighton, South Australia

Ah, the good burghers of Adelaide are exercising!

What do you think of that shape? Perhaps it’s all about the fence? the purple?

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