Brighton jetty, Adelaide South Australia

About 10 years ago our lovely old wooden jetty at Brighton was destroyed by storms and later rebuilt in concrete and steel. The character is different but it does have its own personality and style. a great chunk of the funding came from a telco so we have a tower at the end, disguised as ‘something’ nautical!

Here is a little painting of the cosy spot underneath where families shelter from the sun. It is one of a pair. Might as well show you the other one too.

Adelaide, South Australia

Now for the jetty itself. This was painted in 2009 when I was just returning to paint full-time, so fairly photographic but a happy summer scene. The title “Good voyage” relates to the sails/flags which form the shelter mid-way along the jetty. An artist colleague Margaret Worth, with Gavin Malone designed three environmental-sculptures under the collective title “The elements at play” for the new jetty – the shelter uses the element of light. The Wiki site shows a nice pic of the jetty as you approach it with the ‘Aeolian Harp‘, the good voyage sails and the telephone tower! The third element involves organ pipes attached to the pylons at the seaward end, just near the surface. (If you click on Margaret’s site you will see a pic of her tightening or loosening the wires on the Harp).

Philippa Robert, Brighton jetty, Adelaide South Australia

Over the years there has been a lot of controversy about the humming of the Aoelian Harp keeping people awake at night. The wires were loosened but the insomniacs were still not happy. I have trouble hearing it – ever.

Is hearing related to our attitude to culcha?

5 thoughts on “Brighton jetty, Adelaide South Australia

  1. I don’t know how to answer your question in relation to visual art. In the performing arts hearing is certainly related – primarily in music but also, to a certain extent in drama. Could be that the traditional silence of the art gallery puts some people off. I thought that the idea of the Aeolian harp was to lull the listener into a state of bliss but it seems that in your location that is not necessarily true. I love the idea of the harp and your paintings. Wherever art occurs there are always critics…

    1. Thanks for your comments clinock. I have a suspicion that some of the locals actually don’t like the ‘new-fangled’ things on the jetty and their state of bliss is elusive. Judging only on their reaction I wondered whether hearing and cultural sensitivity were inversely related.

  2. Lovely painting of the receding squares of the underneath of the Jetty, I like the other one too. As for hearing sounds, I wake most nights being able to hear a distinct humming sound like a car engine running, no one else in the house can hear it, I search high and low to identify it and I have even found myself out on the street in my boxer shorts at 3am listening out for where it’s coming from (I used to lose sleep over it but now I just accept that its there and go right back to sleep) at last I have found its source! It’s your Aeolian Harp!

  3. Laughed at that idea! We had a mystery noise which turned out to be the hot water heater in the ceiling. It sounded like someone throwing a tennis ball against the outside wall. Perhaps the harp has a lot to answer for after all. Thanks for your comments on the paintings too.

  4. Beautiful paintings. Oddly enough music and what I listen to affects my writing more than my visual art. Blessings

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