Have tools, can do

A few weeks ago I posted about my experience helping with hanging an exhibition in a non-traditional space. I think I was thanking heavens for men with tools in their car boot. The exhibition was taken down last weekend and I was back on volunteer duty.

This time instead of 5 or 6 helpers there were 3 of us. When it was time for the very fine screw-driver to loosen the little thingamies which we had tightened last time the two blokes didn’t have their tool boxes (wrong car or no car). I don’t carry many tools around with me. But guess who had the right tool?

I confess my home kit isn’t what it used to be. My corner clamps have gone wobbly, the mitre box is a bit sloppy and even my t-square isn’t a reliable t any more. It’s gone italic. The most useful item in the house is this plastic pack I bought for $19.95 at the local pharmacist. Not sure why they would sell such items….but it has been worth every penny.

useful small items

This lurid green thing is what I have carried in the glove box for the past 8 years. It set me back about $3.50 and was purchased perhaps from a petrol station. Not such an unexpected find on the counter there. It has been used only twice in those 8 years but certainly saved the day (and boosted my reputation) last weekend!

useful small item

useful small item

Not sure where this is leading, but here is a view of the wintry scene that greeted us this morning.

morning outlook, South Australia

Back to business! What should the artist’s toolkit contain?

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